Boulder League

Thank you everyone who competed. Boulder League II registration will be available soon! Stay tuned!


It’s time for you to get your game faces on! Threshold’s inaugural Bouldering League starts October 25th. Don’t miss the first one ever…Register online, create a team and start training because this is going to be awesome!
Registration is $15/person


  • Free Inaugural Bouldering League T-Shirt (Only way to get one is to join the league)
  • Minimum of 2 climbers per team. Maximum of 5 climbers per team
  • Free Agents will be assigned a team
  • Your team climbs one day each week. Pick Wednesday, Thursday or Friday whatever day is most convenient for your team. Yes, you can change the day every week.
  • This is a friendly (AND REALLY FUN) competition, so try hard and enjoy yourself!
 *Registration is online only. 


October 25th – December 6th

(Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of each week 4pm – 8pm)

  • Week 1: October 25th – 27th
  • Week 2: November 1st – 3rd
  • Week 3: November 8th – 10th
  • Week 4: November 15th – 17th
  • No Bouldering League the week of Thanksgiving
  • Week 5: November 29th – December 1st
  • Week 6: December 6th @ 6:30pm FINALS


  • Prizes are given out FINALS night
    • Best team name
    • Best team outfit
    • Best team banner
  • There will be free food on FINALS night!!!

Register Now



Who is the Bouldering League Commissioner?
John Tarkington
How can I sign-up?
Enroll online only Click Here
How Much does it cost?
How many people to a team?
Minimum of 2 and Maximum of 3. Three scores are recorded. If you have fewer than 3 team members, the team scores lowest score will be added twice.
What if I don’t have a team?
You may sign-up as a Free Agent. When you register leave the “team” field blank. We will assign you to a team and notify you prior to the start of the competition.
What if you are not a member of Threshold?
You must either use a Punch Pass, Day Pass or Guest pass
What day/time do we compete each week?
Each week league nights are on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The routes will be roped off for competitors only.  Teams can start climbing any time starting at 4pm on Wednesday, all day Thursday and all day Friday. On Saturday the close for scoring that week and the area will be open to the entire gym. Scores will not be accepted after Friday 10pm. Pick the day that works best for your teammates’ schedules. You don’t want no-shows. Teams must compete together on the same day.
There will be only one day for competing in the 6th week and final week, Wednesday December 6th.
Must I attend every week?
At least two team members must show each week.
Can my team splits days/climb on different days?
No, teams must participate together! That is why it is league… Come on people!
Can my team have substitutes?
No substitutes. Sorry you can’t hire a PRO midway through the league.
How does the scoring work?
Scoring is normalized by your handicap. Your handicap is calculated based on your Average Flash Grade. DO NOT try sandbagging (low-balling your handicap), we will catch you and bump your handicap up to what we think it should be.
  • 1 Point = Your Average Flash Grade
  • 2 Points = completing 1 grade above your average
  • 3 Points = completing 2 grades above your average
  • +1 Point = Flash bonus (complete a route on the first try without falling)
How do I determine my handicap?
You handicap is based on your Average Flash Grade. Do not confuse this with your hardest climb ever achieved. Choose the grade you flash on the majority of time.
  • Example: Bubba has climbed a V6 once in his life. He projects V5 but it takes him several sessions. He is comfortable climbing climbing V4 and consistently flashes them within the same day of first trying it. Bubba’s Average Flash Grade is V4
Will there be 3 climbing nights in the sixth week?
No. There will be one “combined” finals night on Wednesday, December 6th.