Boulder League

Stay tuned for our next League dates. Results from Boulder League Season II are listed below.


  • League commissioner is John Tarkington

  • Maximum of 80 Players or 20 Teams

  • League will be 6 weeks long

  • Each league week will start on Wednesday at 4pm

  • League weeks may or may not be consecutive weeks. Holidays and other gym events might

  • League Enter will be $20

  • All Players will receive a league T-Shirt

  • Pizza and Drinks will be provided at the end of Finals Night.

  • Players will not be able to join the league after the end of week 2

  • Minimum of 2 players per team

  • Maximum of 4 players per team

  • No you cannot have 5 or more players on a team.

  • Players will provide an Entry Handicap. Entry Handicap is the highest gym grade at which they flash more often than 50%.

  • It is recommended that all players climb the grade lower than their Entry Handicap if the first 3 bouldering league weeks.

  • An Actual Handicap will be calculated at the end of 3 weeks. The Actual Handicap will be fixed for the remainder of the League

  • If a Players Entry Handicap changes when the Actual Handicap is calculated then all previous weeks scores will be reconfigured for the new grade.

  • League Commissioner reserves the right to make manual adjustments in individual’s actual handicap who are believed to have sandbagged the competition. Climbers who purposefully or accidentally fall on an excessive amount of climbs. Climbers who are consistently climbing 3-4 grades higher than their handicap

  • Adult league for players 18 and older. League Commissioner can make an exception at their discretion

  • Redpoint Competition format

  • All problems are worth 100 points

  • Flash bonus will be add at 100

  • Progress points will be added for climbs that were not completed. Climber must show control over marked progress holds by releasing the opposite hand and staying on the wall for 3 seconds.

  • Progress points are awarded at 25pts, 50pts or 75pts. They are not added together.

  • Tiebreakers will be determined by Total Score, Total Problems then Total Flashes.

  • Progress points do not count towards total Problems climbed

  • Climbs number 14 & 15 can be climbed twice. Both climbs qualify for flash attempts and progress points. Two best attempts will be scored

  • Climb number 17 can be climbed up to three times. All three climbs qualify for flash attempts and progress points. Three best attempts will be scored

  • 4 player team Scores will be calculated by the 3 top players scores. Of those top scores only those Problems and Flashes will count towards tiebreakers. A Ghost Player will subtract the lowest score and their problems, flashes and progress points of each week.

  • Any Team with 2 players will have a Ghost Player which will be calculate as an average of the 2 players on the team. score, problems and flashes will all be averaged and added to the team performance

  • Any Team of 3 or 4 that has only 2 players in one of the league weeks will observe the Ghost player rules.

  • Any Team of 1 or 0 will not qualify for the Ghost Player rules suffer lost points for that week.

  • Practice round will be used to calculate total handicap.

  • Practice round will not be used in individual or team score, problems, flashes

  • $50 gift cards and competition certificates will be awarded to each member of the winning team

  • Competition certificates will be awarded to each member of the 2nd & 3rd place teams

  • Competition certificate will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place highest earning scores.

  • Competition certificate will be awarded to most improved player. Calculated by points in first 3 weeks vs. second 3 weeks. Must climb all six weeks to qualify.

  • League Commisioner has the right to award the “League Commissioner Certification” to any one player in the league.

Past Results

Boulder League I: Oct – Dec 2017

Team Leaderboard

  1. V3 Musketeers – 16,950 Points
  2. Rock Out With Chalk Out – 16,150 Points
  3. Fisher For Governor – 16,150 Points

Player Leaderboard

  1. Andrew Jackson – 6,775 Points
  2. Nicholas O’Sullivan – 6,000 Points
  3. Andrew Rippy – 5,875 Points

*Total problems climbed and total flashes broke ties.

Boulder League II: Jan – Feb 2018

Team Leaderboard

  1. Rock Hard – 16,425
  2. V3 Muskateers – 16,150
  3. Dynosaurs – 15,900

Player Leaderboard

  1. Steven Hudson – 6,150
  2. Eric McVay – 5,875
  3. Tim Hedrick – 5,850

Most Improved Player

  1. Ryan Kilman – 121%
  2. Jeremy Naylor – 65%
  3. Cory waggner – 48%

Best Costume

  • Average Joes & Purple Cobras

*Total problems climbed and total flashes broke ties.