Climbing Classes

There’s more than one way to climb!

A class is not required to start climbing, but will allow you to progress and access new parts of the wall! Classes fill up quickly! Get here 15 mins early.  Access our full climbing class schedule at the bottom of this page, online sign up is easy with the Mindbody app!

Gym Orientation

Will it be your first time coming into the facility? No worries. We will get you set up with an official orientation. No need to schedule anything, the orientation just lasts a few minutes and will get you started climbing right away, even if you’ve never climbed before. After an Orientation you will have access to our extensive bouldering walls, no ropes required, you can also try the tall, 50 foot walls right away by getting trained and certified to use the auto-belays. If you’re looking to expand your climbing access and knowledge, take one our scheduled classes below.

Rope Climbing

INTRO TO CLIMBING CLASS (beginner ropes class)

Consider this class Roped Climbing 101. You will learn basic knot tying, the belay system, rope management, and basic climbing movement. Designed for people with little or no climbing experience, this course presents the skills needed to access more sections of the tall walls of Threshold! This course is the prerequisite for the auto-belay and top rope climbing test. (Age 14 required to top rope belay. There is no age requirement to top rope climb) – This class is FREE with a membership!

 LEAD CLIMBING CLASS (advanced ropes class)

This 2 hour class will teach the basics of lead climbing. You will learn proper clipping methods, how to take and catch a lead fall, dynamic belay techniques and lead rope management. This course is designed for those who are top rope certified and want to advance their rope climbing skills to the next level. This is the prerequisite to the Lead Test. (Age 16 required to lead belay. There is no age requirement to lead climb)

Sport Climbing Series

Looking to transition outside? Our Sport Climbing Series is perfect for you! The Sport Climbing Series will breakdown the fundamental skills you need to know into 3 progressive classes. We will start with gear placement, then build few different basic sport anchors and finish the series with how to anchor yourself to the wall, clean the sport anchor and rappel back to the base of your climb. Each Class is 1.5 hours and held over 3 days. Max of 6 participants. This class does not cover using any traditional climbing equipment.

*Climbing is inherently dangerous. This class is meant to provide a basic understanding of skills that will assist with a participant’s transition to outdoor sport climbing. This course is taught indoors and therefore cannot cover all situations that can and do occur outdoors.

Participants must be Lead Climb and Lead Belay Certified.

Next Course: July 10, 12 & 13th

Sport Series – Agenda

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Placing
  • Sport Anchors
  • Personal Anchors
  • Cleaning Anchors
  • Rappelling
Sport Series – Equipment Requirements
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Climbing Shoes
  • Dual Tube Style Device
  • 13 quickdraws
  • 6 Locking Carabiners
  • 15’ Cord
  • 15’ Webbing
  • 2 Double(120cm/48in)
  • 1 Triple(180cm/72in) Length Slings
  • Prusik (Cord or Hollowblock)

Movement Classes


Launch is our introductory course that will give you the tools to take your climbing movement to the next level! In this one hour class you will learn effective footwork techniques, how to transfer weight to reach the next hold with ease, getting the most out of your muscles and other fundamental movement patterns in climbing that will progress your technique and climbing difficulty level! V17, Here you come!!

Next Beginners Movement Class: Monday April 23rd – 6:30pm


 Boost is our advanced movement course that will assist intermediate and advanced climbers in fine-tuning their climbing movement. This 1.5 hour class consists of climber evaluations and personalized movement topics that will provide each climber with a specific set of tools to improve in the areas they are wanting to develop. Improved competition performance, advanced movements such as flags and rose moves, route reading, hold recognition, breath and anything in between this course was created to assist in reaching each climbers peak potential! Wherever you need a BOOST in your climbing, this class will accommodate!
Next Advanced Movement Class: Monday April 30th – 6:30pm

Personal Training & Private Instruction

Looking for some personal one on one training? Can’t make it to one of our scheduled classes? Our certified wall instructors are available to you according to your schedule. You can hire an instructor by the hour and they will work with you on whatever skills you are looking to develop. Based on your needs we will match you up with the the most qualified person.

Please give 72 hour notice before scheduling a private instruction to ensure proper scheduling.

Email us at: to request a Private Instruction.