Climbing Leagues

Boulder League

The Threshold Boulder League is multi-week, individually scored climbing league. Climbers will work to improve balance, climbing technique, strength, mental focus and overall fitness. The Threshold Boulder League is the best way to start climbing, get introduced to the sport, and meet a bunch of great people too. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers are all encouraged to sign up. Each week climbers will get special access to the new League specific climbs, and you compete at your own skill level. Climbing times are flexible each week and you can come back in to increase your scores. Climb hard each week, and celebrate with us at the finals party!

Boulder League VIII

Week 1: Tuesday Dec. 30th – Saturday Jan. 2nd
Week 2: Tuesday Jan. 5th – Saturday Jan.9th
Finals Night: Saturday Jan. 16th

Climbers can climb anytime Tuesday through Saturday to improve scores. Scorecards are due by close on Saturday. New routes will be set weekly every Monday, and climbing will open up on Tuesday. Last day to enter is Saturday Jan 2nd.


Free – Team Threshold
$10 – Members
$20 – Non-members on Trial Passes
$50 – Non-Members (Includes a 30 day pass to the gym)


Youth, Male & Female: 12 years old and Under
Junior, Male & Female: 13-15 years old
Open, Male & Female: Beg, Int & Adv: 16-49 years old
Masters, Male & Female: 50+ years old
Competition Format Rules
Week 1 and week 2 will be a Zoned Redpoint format.
  • 18 boulders will be set.
  • Each boulder will have 4 clearly marked zones (5, 10, 15, 25 points)
  • A Flash bonus will be award to any competitor that completes a boulder on the first try (5 bonus points). Their score for that boulder will be 30 Points.
  • In order to earn zone points a competitor must secure the marked hold with 1 hand for a minimum of 3 seconds
  • To earn the full 30 points for a Flash or 25 points for a Redpoint a competitor must secure the final hold with both hands for a minimum of 3 seconds.
  • All boulders are available for all climbers regardless of their category.
  • Scores will be calculated on total points earned
  • Tiebreakers will be determined by the total number of flashes
  • Competitors are allowed unlimited attempts within the given week for a particular boulder set.
Finals Format Rules
Finals will be an Onsight format.
  • The following categories will have a finals round: Male Youth, Female Youth, Male Junior, Female Junior, Male Open Advanced, Female Open Advanced.
  • Competitors with the top 5 cumulative scores from the first 2 weeks of boulder league will be invited to compete at finals night.
  • Should a competitor not accept the finals invitation. Their position will be forfeit and the next competitor with the most points will be given the invitation.
  • Competitors will not be allowed in the gym on the Monday prior to finals night. Nor will they be allowed on Tuesday until ISO opens for them to warm up.
  • Each category will have 3 boulders set
  • Competitors will be given a running order.
  • Competitors will be given 5 minutes to complete each boulder with a 5 minute rest in between boulders.
  • Competitors are not allowed to view the boulders while resting.
  • Each attempt on a boulder will cost the competitor .1 points
  • In order to earn zone points a competitor must secure the marked hold with 1 hand for a minimum of 3 seconds
  • Final hold must be secured with both hands for a minimum of 3 seconds.
  • There is no flash bonus during finals.
General Rules:
  • Climber must show a controlled competition start. All 4 marks must be used as the start before a competitor can continue up the boulder
  • If at any point a competitor uses a hold that is not on route they must come down and an attempt is counted.
  • Mask must be warn at all times.
  • Anyone consistently exceeding their skill level will be bumped to the next category.
  • Scorecards must be turned in each day at the front desk
  • Request your scorecard at the front desk if you are climbing multiple days during a given week.
  • Each flash or redpoint requires a witness other than yourself to sign your scorecard.
  • Cheaters will be disqualified from league.
Scoring and Leaderboards
Placement will first be awarded by total points. Any tiebreakers will be determined by the total number of flashes a competitor has achieved throughout the competition. Top five of each category are awarded an entry into finals.
During finals the previous scores are wiped clean and everyone starts at 0 points. Each climber has 5 minutes per problem with a 5 minute rest in between each of the 3 climbs. Each attempt will cost the climber .1 point. The best attempt will be scored. Additional attempts that do not improve the score will not count against their best score. competitors will be ranked based on total points. Tiebreakers will be determined by the number of flashes. If further tiebreakers are required then their 2 week league scores will be used as the final tiebreaker.

Sport League

Threshold Sport League is a multi-week local sport climbing competition circuit designed for recreational climbers. Sport Climbing is a style of free climbing that uses harnesses and ropes on taller walls to lower climbers once they have climbed the 50’ walls. Anyone with skill ranging from beginner to expert is welcome to join Sport League. Each week the Threshold Setting Team will section off an area in the gym and set 12 new routes ranging from 5.7 to 5.12. Climbers have the ability to compete individually, as a team or both. The individual competitors are segmented into different categories based on gender, age and skill level. Teams will include up to 4 competitors and the top 3 competitors of each week will be scored.

Past Results

Boulder League III: May – June 2018

  • 15 Team
  • 60 Players

Team Leaderboard

  1. DYNOsaurs – 15,275
  2. V4 Musketeers – 14,438
  3. Ride or Die – 14,375
  4. Rocket Jump – 13,875
  5. Beta Blockers – 13,375
  6. Naylors – 12,525
  7. Afraid of Heights – 12,175
  8. Chalk To The Hand – 11,825
  9. Rock Out With Your Chalk Out – 11,350
  10. Sons Of Pinches – 11,250
  11. Chalk Straps – 11,250
  12. Dropknee Murphys – 11,000
  13. My Name Is Rod And I Like To Party – 10,700
  14. Knuckle Deep On The Steep – 10,438
  15. B3 – 8,200

Player Leaderboard

  • VB
    • Female
      1. Karsten Meier 4,460
      2. Amber Schuster – 3,225
    • Male
      1. Paul Burton – 2,800
      2. Scooter Crawford – 2,625
  • V0-V1
    • Female
      1. Angela Weichbrodt – 3,700
      2. Karla Paulk – 3,675
      3. Meghan Sandbek – 3,225
    • Male
      1. Adam Roach – 4,650
      2. Eric Dahlgren – 4,500
      3. Brendan Love – 3,650
  • V2-V3
    •  Female
      1. Casey Ward-Freeman – 3,925
      2. Megan Ladd – 3,725
      3. Ariel Gray – 3,500
    • Male
      1. Ryan Kilman – 5,450
      2. Michael Shryock – 5,400
      3. Bay Aston – 5,225
  • V4-V5
    •  Male
      1. Tim Hedrick – 5,175
      2. Nick Minnelli – 4,400
      3. Luke Killam 0 4,225
  • V6-V7
    •  Male
      1. Jeremy Naylor – 4,475

Most Improved Players

  1. Miles Mitchell – 50%
  2. Brendan Love – 41%
  3. Thomas Vu – 41%

Best Costume

  • DYNOsaurs

*Total problems climbed and total flashes broke ties.

Boulder League II: Jan – Feb 2018

Team Leaderboard

  1. Rock Hard – 16,425
  2. V3 Muskateers – 16,150
  3. Dynosaurs – 15,900

Player Leaderboard

  1. Steven Hudson – 6,150
  2. Eric McVay – 5,875
  3. Tim Hedrick – 5,850

Most Improved Player

  1. Ryan Kilman – 121%
  2. Jeremy Naylor – 65%
  3. Cory waggenner – 48%

Best Costume

  • Average Joes & Purple Cobras

*Total problems climbed and total flashes broke ties.

Boulder League I: Oct – Dec 2017

Team Leaderboard

  1. V3 Musketeers – 16,950 Points
  2. Rock Out With Chalk Out – 16,150 Points
  3. Fisher For Governor – 16,150 Points

Player Leaderboard

  1. Andrew Jackson – 6,775 Points
  2. Nicholas O’Sullivan – 6,000 Points
  3. Andrew Rippy – 5,875 Points

*Total problems climbed and total flashes broke ties.

Sport League I was May 6th, 2019

Our next Rope League starts May 6th, 2019, climbing lasts for 6 weeks, and will end on June 15th (There will be a down week for rest).

Climbers can climb anytime Monday through Friday to improve scores. New routes will be set weekly every Sunday, and climbing will open up on Monday.

Detailed schedule:

• May 6th – 10th: Week 1

• May 13th – 17th: Week 2 (Skill Level category will be fixed)

• May 20th – 24th: Down week due to USAC Regional Championship

• May 27th – 31st: Week 3

• June 3rd – 7th: Week 4

• June 9th – 14th: Finals Week (Climbing stops at 8:00pm)

• June 14th (9:00pm): Finals Party