Climbing Team

Mission: To develop and maintain high performing climbing abilities in Team Threshold athletes while fostering a love for the sport and encouraging fellow teammates.

Our coaches will focus on cultivating and maintaining an environment where safety, leadership, teamwork, advanced climbing techniques, and training are of the utmost importance. Team Threshold climbers will have the opportunity to compete on a local, regional, national and world level. Competition is not required to be a part of the team.


  • Multiple practice times and days are available depending on your category. Practice runs Monday through Thursday.
  • Holiday exceptions will be promptly announced
  • Recommended ages: 6-18

USA Climbing Seasons

  • Bouldering Season
  • Sport & Speed Season

Team Threshold-Dues

  • New rates are coming soon.


  • Individualized instruction during team practice
  • Report cards indicating successes and areas for improvement
  • FREE parent intro to climbing class (auto belay & top rope)
  • Free Team T-shirt
  • Team gear available for purchase
  • 15% off retail store team members only
  • Access to select pro deals when offered
  • Team trips available for purchase
  • Mock-Competitions on a monthly basis


  • USA Climbing Membership ($100 one time fee)
  • Competition Fees
  • Transportation and Lodging fees for outdoor trips and competitions
  • Gym fees for out of town team practices
  • Food and Drink


  • It is recommended to attend all days of practice
  • Competing at two local competitions in our region is required to qualify for regionals at the culmination of each season


What to do if missing a practice? Please notify the coach before hand. Also, please be very mindful of your schedule outside of climbing when joining the team. Conflicts with practice are inevitable. However, each practice builds on the previous and are carefully designed to continue improvement. Therefore, plan and try to make every practice session on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

What should my child wear to practice? Team threshold shirt. Team shirts will be provided. Clothing that allows for freedom of movement such as: athletic shorts, quick drying t-shirts or tank tops are recommended.Climbing inherently presents abrasions to the skin of climbers. Wearing long pants thatare made of synthetic materials (not cotton) can help prevent scrapes and cuts.

What should my child bring to practice? Climbing shoes, harness and chalk are the most used items at practice. These items are also available to rent at the front desk. However, team member s are encouraged to acquire their own equipment via the 15% off team discount in the Threshold pro shop. When traveling for competitions, it becomes important for the climber to be responsible for their own equipment. Athletic shoes for strength and conditioning are infrequently needed but are recommended.

Threshold honors the following USAC rules in accordance to belay methods:

You must be 12 years of age and older to TR Belay. You must be 14 years of age and older to Lead Belay. (You must be a USAC member to fall within these rules, otherwise the required age while in the gym to TR belay is 14 and Lead belay is 16.)


Results from tryouts are at the discretion of the Climbing Team Coaches. Tryouts are exclusively bouldering based. Only climbing shoes and chalk are needed.


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