Climbing Team

Upcoming Team Events & Meetings:

Mission: To develop and maintain high performing climbing abilities in Team Threshold athletes while fostering a love and respect for the sport of climbing and encouraging personal growth, responsibility, confidence, and healthy social engagement.

Threshold climbing gym offers a climbing team for ages 6 – 18 years of age. Team Threshold’s focus is preparation for competition & performance. We strive to implement a culture of common respect, responsibility and social engagement. Our coaches will focus on cultivating and maintaining an environment where safety, leadership, teamwork, personal responsibility, advanced climbing techniques, training and competition performance are of the utmost importance. We also want to create a fun and exciting environment that fosters a passion and drive to encourage ourselves and others in the sport of climbing.


  • Multiple practice times and days are available depending on your category. Practice runs Monday through Thursday.
  • See the schedule below for practice days, times and pricing
  • Holiday exceptions will be promptly announced
  • Recommended ages: 6-18

USA Climbing Seasons

  • Bouldering Season (Fall)
  • Sport & Speed Season (Spring)

Your first day of practice is FREE!

Meet the coaches and try it out before joining

Join us during any of our practice times during the week before you sign up. Call ahead to let us know you’re coming!

Pricing & Practice Times

Team Threshold is divided into six categories based on age and USA Climbing Guidelines. Select the year the climber was born to see pricing options and practice times.

Lil’Crushers & D Catergory: Ages 6-10 Years

Monday through Thursday from 4:00 – 5:15p OR 5:30p – 6:45p

Wednesdays from 2:00p – 3:15p


1 day a week – $65/month

2 days a week – $120/month

C & B Category: 11-14 years

 Monday and/or Wednesday from 5:30-7:00p

Fridays from 4:00p – 5:30p


1 day a week – $75/month

2 days a week – $140/month

Category B/A/JR: 14-18 years

Tuesday and/or Thursday from 5:30-7:30p

Friday 6:00p – 8:00p


1 day – $85/month

2 days – $160/month

This group is for USAC Competitive Climbers. Tryouts are required for USAC Competitive Team. 

Competitive Team Climbers are required to practice on both Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm. 


2 days – $160/month

Add on a full gym membership

Get a discount with your Team Membership

Practice 1 day a week: Only $40 to add on

Practice 2 days a week: Only $20 to add on

Practice 3 days a week: Only $10 to add on

Practice 4 days a week: Free!

Team Membership Includes:

  • Individualized instruction during team practice
  • Rental equipment during practice
  • Report cards indicating successes and areas for improvement
  • Team gear available for purchase
  • 15% off retail store team members only
  • Access to select pro deals when offered
  • Team indoor and outdoor trips available for purchase
  • Mock-Competitions


  • Gym access and rentals outside of practice (unless you add on a Gym Membership, see above rates)
  • USA Climbing Membership ($100 one time fee, only if you are competing)
  • Competition Fees (average costs are $30-$65 per competition)
  • Transportation and Lodging fees for outdoor trips and competitions
  • Gym fees for out of town team practices
  • Food and Drink


What to do if I have to miss practice? Notify and the respective coach will send you and your athlete the team schedule for the day you missed. Due to the growing size of team and demand for time slots, we no longer offer make up practices or times.

What should my child wear to practice? Team Threshold shirt. Clothing that allows for freedom of movement such as: athletic shorts, quick drying t-shirts or tank tops are recommended. Climbing inherently presents abrasions to the skin of climbers. Wearing long pants that are made of synthetic materials (not cotton) can help prevent scrapes and cuts.

What should my child bring to practice? Climbing shoes, harness and chalk are the most used items at practice. These items are also available to rent at the front desk and included with your monthly membership. However, team member s are encouraged to acquire their own equipment via the 15% off team discount in the Threshold pro shop. Also, athletic shoes for strength & conditioning, water bottle, healthy snacks, & a gear bag for equipment. Climbers are always responsible for keeping up with their own equipment.

What do I do if we want to stop coming to practice? Fill out a notice form at the front desk to discontinue Practice payments. If you do not fill out a notice form, your payments will automatically continue and a refund will not be processed if notice was not properly given, even if your climber stops coming to practice.

Threshold honors the following USAC rules in accordance to belay methods:

You must be 12 years of age and older to TR Belay. You must be 14 years of age and older to Lead Belay. (You must be a USAC member to fall within these rules, otherwise the required age while in the gym to TR belay is 14 and Lead belay is 16.)


Tryouts are not required for the general climbing team, but are required for our Competitive Team.

Role of the Parent

To encourage climbing and exercise outside of practice sessions:

· Success can only be achieved when coaches, parents and climbers and equally held accountable.

· Communicate openly with Head Coach and/or Program Mangers on any issue pertaining to Team Threshold athlete.

· Such as: Injury, Disagreement (teammate or and other individual), Concerns, Questions

· Participant & Volunteer when needed.

· Hold athlete accountable to their plan for improvement.

· Hold athlete accountable for makeup workouts when practice is missed.




Meet our Coaches

John T.

John T.

Head Coach & Owner

Outdoor industry professional with a focus on indoor and outdoor Rock Climbing. Climbing since 2006, John guides outdoor trips as well as instructs climbers ranging from beginner to advanced. Certifications: AMGA CWI Top Rope, Lead, & Single Pitch Instructor, USA Climbing Coach.

Chase W.

Chase W.

Program Manager & Coach

Chase is a recent graduate from UCO. He focuses on developing potential performance in the athletes he works with. He has been climbing since 2015 and has competed in many local competitions including 24HHH. He coaches an emphasis on technical footwork, slab climbing, and delicate movement. Certifications: AMGA CWI Top Rope, Lead, & Single Pitch Instructor.

Austin S.

Austin S.

USAC B/A/Jr Head Coach

Likes to talk and likes to train. Probably does a little too much of both. You can find him in the gym training himself or others. Always happy to help with questions if he is able. Certifications: AMGA CWI Top Rope, & Lead, USA Climbing Coach, USA Climbing Level 1 Route setter.

Elisha G.

Elisha G.

USAC D/C Head Coach

Hi! My name is Beth Clark and I'm currently applying to grad school in occupational therapy. I love watching people grow and develop in any given skill, especially via rehabilitation or in rock climbing. When not in class or at work, I enjoy reading, being outside, running, baking, and of course, climbing. I hope to one day use occupational therapy to help people discover rock climbing as they learn coordination and strength--amongst other life skills--and to recover from hand/arm injuries to get back to the rocks and start sending!

Marco S.

Marco S.

USAC Coach

Marco is a Route setter and Coach at Threshold. He really enjoys watching kids on the Team reach their goals and push themselves. He is currently studying Psychology & Music at OCU. Certifications: AMGA CWI Top Rope & Lead.

Jesse W.

Jesse W.


Jesse is a Coach and Instructor at Threshold. He started climbing in Colorado about 3 years ago. Loves to be outdoors and to watch people accomplish their goals. Not near as strong as everyone thinks due to his favorite food: chocolate chip cookies. Certifications: AMGA CWI Top Rope.

Jacob S.

Jacob S.

Instructor & Coach

Yello! My name is Jacob. My passion for rocks started about two years ago; I have always loved looking at rocks and finally decided to start climbing them. I am currently studying Outdoor and Community Recreation at the University of Central Oklahoma. In my free time I like to bike, skate, swim (whitewater), and climb. My favorite color is 625 to 590 nanometers. I could climb ropes all day and night. I am a top rope CWI.