Developmental Team


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Mission: Provide youth with a fun and structured training environment that assists in the development of technical climbing skills, knowledge of competitive climbing and overall enjoyment of the sport. 

The Threshold Developmental Team provides youth climbers a fun, but challenging environment to hone their skills and provide a path to competitive climbing. Developmental Team will focus on advancing the technique, strength and overall comprehension of competitive climbing while providing a fun, social experience. Climbers on this team should have some climbing experience and aspire to take climbing a little more serious, but are maybe not ready for the commitment of Team Threshold. If ready, climbers can try out to be a part of Team Threshold and compete on a local, regional, national and world level.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30pm
  • Choose to practice one or multiple days of the week
  • Holiday exceptions will be promptly announced
  • Recommended ages: 6-17
  • Experience level: Beginner/Intermediate

USA Climbing Seasons

  • Bouldering Season – Fall
  • Sport & Speed Season – Spring

Dev-Team Dues

  • 1 Practice per Week = $75 monthly
  • 2 Practices per Week = $135 monthly
  • 3 Practices per Week = $190 monthly
  • 4 Practices per Week = $250 monthly


  • Guided coaching and instruction fro
  • 1 instructor per 10 climbers
  • FREE parent intro to climbing class (auto belay & top-rope)
  • A Dev-Team T-shirt
  • Dev-Team gear available for purchase
  • Discounts in the pro-shop
  • Mock Competitions, goal setting and evaluation


  • Food & drink
  • Transportation & lodging fees for outdoor trips and competitions


What should my child wear to practice?

  • Clothing that allows for freedom of movement such as quick drying athletic shorts or climbing specific pants.
  • Climbing inherently presents abrasions to the skin of climbers from contact with textured walls and climbing holds. Wearing long pants that are made of synthetic materials (not cotton) can help prevent scrapes and cuts.
  • Athletic shoes are recommended for days that involve strength and conditioning work.

What should my child bring to practice?

  • Climbing shoes, harness, chalk and athletic shoes are the most used items at practice.
  • Climbing shoes, harness and chalk are all available to rent at the front desk.
  • Water or drinks for hydration are recommended.
  • Snacks that provide good “during activity energy” are also recommended.

*Dev-Team Practice only includes the use of the facility during practice. Participants without a gym membership cannot use the facility before or after Dev-Team Practice.

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