A Different Fitness Experience: Rock Climbing vs. CrossFit

CrossFit has taken over the fitness world over the last decade. With the potential of being crowned “Fittest on Earth”, it is easy to see why it has gained such a following. However, a new type of training has been slowly gaining its footing in the fitness world: rock climbing.

Rock climbing, in general, isn’t a new idea. However, the sport recently gained popularity with the emergence of indoor rock climbing gyms throughout the nation. These gyms provide a much safer and more convenient option for those that feel rock climbing outdoors is a bit too risky.

While seemingly unconventional, rock climbing has made its way into the fitness routines of even the most hardcore CrossFit athletes. A closer look at CrossFit and rock climbing reveals that both options provide a similar appeal.

Both types of training promote the idea of being functionally fit over simply looking good. Rock climbing forces its athletes to develop control of every part of their body. Likewise, CrossFit requires its athletes to test their own limits & strengthen their weak spots in order to achieve the required reps.

Another similarity between rock climbing and CrossFit is that they both provide gym goers with a completely different type of training experience. Rock climbing appeals to people because it feels as much like playing as it does working out. CrossFit also has this type of game-oriented appeal. Thirty minutes in a rock climbing gym or CrossFit class can actually feel fun, and yet, you will leave with a solid workout under your belt.

One more similarity is that both rock climbing and CrossFit promote a sense of community. Regardless of the rock climbing or CrossFit gym you attend, chances are high that there will be people working out with you. This community of people provides accountability and competition, which can help you reach your goals much quicker.

For those looking to add something new to their routine or those that are just getting started on their fitness journey, rock climbing is an excellent option. For more information on how rock climbing can benefit you or how to get started, please contact us.