Workout Burnout? Indoor Rock Climbing is The Fresh and Fun Way to Lose Weight

You’ve finally decided that you’re ready to lose weight. You’re highly motivated to get fit–but there’s a problem: boredom. You hate the thought of long hours at the gym, and you’ve had it with jogging around the block. You know that you’re more likely to give up on a repetitive workout routine, too. You wish you could find a fresh and exciting exercise regimen, but face it: weight loss is a tedious chore.


Maybe not. Working out at an indoor climbing gym is exciting and anything but routine, so it’s a great answer to workout burnout. Currently the number of indoor rock climbing enthusiasts is growing, especially in cold or rainy climates. A lot of people, aware of the sport’s many benefits, are taking up indoor rock climbing.

Here’s what you can expect when you switch your fitness routine to include indoor rock climbing:

  • Say ‘bye-bye’ to calories – Indoor rock climbing can burn a whopping 409 calories per 30 minutes of activity for a 155 lb. person. You can burn the same number of calories by running 6.7 mph for 30 minutes–but why would you want to? Indoor rock climbing isn’t repetitive. It isn’t boring. You choose your own path upwards, so the experience is new every time. You’re actually having fun; losing weight is just a side benefit. Of course, you burn more calories when you’re going up–but you’re still working hard on the way down. Rappelling–descending the wall–burns up 290 calories, the same as 30 minutes of cross-country skiing.
  • Total-Body Means Muscle – Indoor rock climbing works most of the muscle groups in your body. You’ll be toning your arms, legs, glutes and your back while you shed those calories–which means you’ll lose the fat while adding muscle. Indoor rock climbing enables you to achieve true fitness. And don’t forget that your brain is a muscle, too! Indoor rock climbing gives your gray matter a workout too, challenging it with new problems to solve every time you climb.
  • Breathe Deeply – Indoor rock climbing is an aerobic sport! A challenging climb raises your heart rate to 120-180 beats per minute.

With all these benefits, what’s to think about? Climbing brings excitement to your workout and helps you create a new body that is sleek, fit, and ready to take on more impressive climbing challenges.